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That All May Freely Serve Michigan
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Jesus excluded no one who desired to sit at His table. All were welcome.

In that same spirit all who desire fellowship with God and a faith community are welcome at TAMFS.

Offering hope and healing through Jesus Christ to the LGBT community and to all those who have been disenfranchised by the community of Faith.

Working for peaceful reform and reconciliation in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

We believe same gender, covenant relationships should be recognized by the church.

We Believe lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons should be ordained and installed to all offices of the church when called by God to serve.


God Really Really LOVES YOU

In response to our spiritual mandate, we gather together as a community of God's people to work for justice in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and in our communities.

Compelled by Christ's teaching of social righteousness, ministry of reconciliation, practice of hospitality and unconditional love, we work faithfully for a church that reflects God's capacious love and grace.



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 Great News!!!
Amendment 14-F is Ratified


14f Vote Tally: 114 yes, 46 no, 1 Tie


Since the historic vote by the General Assembly in June 2014 to recommend that the PC(USA) affirm that marriage is a “unique commitment between two people,” More Light has been hard at work equipping people across the country to have sacred conversations about the importance of marriage within the church.


More Light Presbyterians is committed to the ratification of Amendment 14F that seeks to affirm marriage for all within the Presbyterian Church, USA. This page is dedicated to keep you up to date with the Presbyteries as they vote. While we are working together with other Presbyterian Church USA organizations to fight racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression, we also work together with organizations to help change the culture of the Presbyterian Church USA to that of an open and inclusive denomination that affirms the commitment of any two loving and committed people in marriage.


During this time of voting, please consider supporting your local presbytery in prayer, calling and inviting people to be involved in the discernment process, having conversations with your local church on the importance of this ratification campaign, and finally, supporting our local MLP pastors who are seeking to bring more light to our churches through word and sacrament. For additional resources to aid in study and reflection on Amendment 14F, please download MLP’s marriage guide here:


To read Overture Advocate testimony given in support of Amendment 14F at the General Assembly please click here.



Amendment 14-F approved from Office of the General Assembly on Vimeo.


Great News!!!
Amendment 10-A is Ratified

Dear friends,

Grace and peace. We give thanks to God that the 219th General Assembly's Ordination Amendment 10-A was ratified on May 10, 2011, as Twin Cities was the 87th presbytery to approve it by 205 to 56 with 3 abstentions. 

Tonight Presbyterians join the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as denominations who have eliminated official barriers to full membership, leadership and service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.  This is indeed a historic moment in the life of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but also in the worldwide Christian community.
See more of this article on the MLP website

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The following is an Excellent commentary on the struggle to reconcile faith and sexual orientation.

Opening Remarks for Debate with Dr. Michael Brown
Charlotte, NC, Feb. 14, 2008
Harry Knox, Director, Religion and Faith Program

�2008 The Human Rights Campaign.  Reprinted by permission

I am grateful to each of you for the great effort it took for you to be here tonight.  Time is precious, and time with loved ones even more so.  So for you to give up a Valentines Day evening to come hear and interact with me and Dr. Brown is a great gift.  Thank you.

You have come, I suspect, for the same reason I have – because the stakes are high.  We are in the midst of a conversation in the church and in the larger society about who we lesbian and gay people are, what God thinks of us, and whether or not we should be safe and embraced and respected in our congregations and our secular communities.

Perhaps you have come because you care passionately about the condition of my mortal soul, or the soul of another person.  Maybe you’ve come because, like me, you have been singled out for violence because of who you are.  Perhaps, like me, you have been denied the right to work because you are lesbian or gay.

 Maybe, like me, you love someone so much you have taken on all the responsibilities of making a family with him or her and yet you have been denied the basic protections and benefits available to your married neighbors.

Some of you have come because you have seen the injustices perpetrated against your gay and lesbian sisters and brothers, heard the injustice blamed on the God you love, and had a difficult time reconciling what you know of God’s unconditional love and boundless grace with the hatred and vitriol you see directed at your neighbors in God’s name. And you have wondered what it is doing to your own soul to be aligned with such unkindness and outright violence.

Because the stakes are so high our discussion tonight requires two things that are often contradictory – utmost civility and care for each other in word and deed – and absolute honesty.  May God help us confront our own sinful natures and those of others with both honesty and grace.

 I have spent my adult life begging my mostly Christian neighbors to stop killing me with kindness.  For the most noble of reasons, a desire to call me to holiness, my neighbors have denied me the right to work, looked the other way when I was a victim of hate crimes, denied me and my partner the protections and benefits of marriage, sought to silence my voice in church and heaped ridicule and shame on my family.

 No matter their motivations, they have proven that they are not my friends.  You cannot deny my basic human rights and expect me to consider you to have my best interests at heart.   The stakes are much too high.

Those who have sought to punish and oppress me have used the most powerful tool I know of as a weapon against me.  They have perverted the Holy Bible – that powerful standard of justice for even the most marginalized among us – the touchstone of grace that offers hope and reconciliation – they have perverted the Bible into a tool of oppression. View Entire Article>

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